College Entrance Game Plan

Your Comprehensive Guide to Collecting, Organizing, and Funding College

Featuring checklist, timelines, and proven strategies for both the student and parents.

Weather you are late in the college process or just starting out, you will find the steps to attend the right college for the right price.

Middle School to High School You’ll Learn:

How to handle the mass amount of mail and eamil you will receive from colleges.

What to do with your award, yearly recognition, SAT, ACT, and AP socres.

Great resources for Researching and Finding College Scholarships.

Undersanding the Financial Aid Process and Financial Aid Forms.

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"This comprehensive guide,...allows students and parents to stay on target so they do not miss important deadline or misplace critical documents. Family stress can be reduced and college success can be achieved”

Crystal Faulkner, CPA

Parner at MCM CPA's

Ryan Clark

Dan Bisig

About the Authors

Ryan Clark and Dan Bisig are independent college planners who have worked with thousands of families across the Unites States for over a decade, helping student and parents navigate their way through every aspect of the college process. Both authors are frequently published and interviewed on Radio, and TV on a variety of college planning topcis. 

Dan and Ryan have supplied you with the college planning blueprint you need.

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